Cartridge Design and Extraction Principle

MagCore: automated DNA/RNA extraction kits


Ideal for high-yield DNA and RNA Purification

With the help of our patented magnetic bead technology, cellulose coating particles lead to a high binding capacity. All our automated DNA extraction kits are based on the magnetic bead approach.


Patented Magnetic Affinity Beads for All Sample Types

The different MagCore Kits are each designed for a specific sample type. They include kits for automated extraction from whole blood, viral nucleic acid, tissue, plant, cultured cells and other materials.


Our closed Design:
No chance for Contamination

All reagents are provided in sealed plastic containers. The special design of all sample containers makes sure that there is no chance for contamination in our automated DNA/RNA extraction kits.


Purification Matrix: Cellulose coated magnetic beads
Storage: Store at Room Temperature
Shelf Life: 6 or 12 months (depending on the type of kit)

MagCore® reagent cartridges are pre-sealed incorporating all reagents needed for the purification process. No additional reagents are required and no handling is necessary.

Pre-filled and sealed buffer cartridges combined with automated piercing steps avoid possible contamination or buffer spout. The patented Heating Well and Separation Well in the cartridge encourage a strong circulate force for the Binding/Washing steps and deliver high purity in the final eluate. The MagCore® beads are pre-allocated into each cartridge in Well 4. The mixing of the beads, reagents, and the sample is achieved by the liquid handling action of the instrument. Separation is achieved by magnetic attraction and liquid handling.


MagCore® automated DNA/RNA extraction kits contain all reagents and consumables needed for 36, 72 and 96 nucleic acid isolation reactions. The consumables provided consist of reagent cartridges, individually packaged tip sets, sample tubes and elution tubes.

Kit Selection