MagCore® Compact: Automated DNA / RNA extraction with a small footprint

Affordable, Fast & Space Saving

The MagCore® Compact is RBC Bioscience's smallest automated workstation for fast, affordable automated DNA / extraction from a diverse range of sample sources. The "Compact" lives up to its name: all the essential functions of an automated nucleic acid extractor are crammed into a casing as small as feasible. The "Compact" is well equipped to meet successful researcher's high standards and take care of the small number of samples during a day.


MagCore Compact
Pipetting Unit Dispensing, transferring, X-Y two axis movements
Electric Control Internal microprocessor
UV Light Power 5w, life duration >6,000hrs
Heating Block RT~100° C
Display Screen 3-inch LCM screen with a membrane keypad
Accessories T-racks, cartridge racks, empty cartridges, tips/holders, sample tubes, microcentrifuge tubes, syringe O-rings and grease
System properties - Automatic fixation of cartridges
- Special design of cartridge racks for simple installation
- Visual and audible alarm with emergency stop
Voltage 110 V (~240 V)
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Dimensions W350 x D660 x H680 (mm) ; W13.79 x D25.98 x H26.77 (inches)
Net Weight 50kg / 110lbs
Processing Capacity 1~8 samples per batch
Processing Time 30-70 minutes (depending on sample type and method)
Sample Volume 200μl /400μl /1,200μl (2.4 ml available on request)
Elution Volume 60 µl/100 µl/150 µl/200 µl
Yield Average of 6 µg genomic DNA from 200 µl human blood
Average of 1 µg total-RNA from 400 µl human blood
Purity DNA: O.D A260/280 ratio 1.8 ±0.1
RNA: O.D A260/280 ratio 2.0 ±0.2
Storage Temperature 15 °C~35 °C
Operation Temperature 18 °C~30 °C


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