Forensic DNA Extraction without Contamination


Extraction of DNA from forensic samples can be challenging.
MagCore® Forensic DNA Direct Kits extract DNA from samples of variable quality in a completely contained device. The patented FS tip is a closed extraction device, excluding any contamination between sample insertion and DNA retrieval.
Contamination can not occur since the lysis and separation steps are contained, preventing any aerosols from contaminating samples during the fully automated extraction and purification process.


Patented FS-Tip Features:

  • Hollow pipe for liquid handling
  • Airtight (hermetic seal)
  • No aerosol contamination
  • Automatic separation of any solid debris

The new MagCore® Forensic DNA Direct Kit provides affordable, high-yield DNA recovery from a wide variety of forensic specimen. Its specially designed, single-use extraction device assures contamination-free and fully contained lysis & DNA extraction.  The high-yield recovery of pure DNA is facilitated by patented cellulose-coated magnetic affinity beads (no phenol needed). A 5 ul dry blood spot yields ca. 10 ng DNA. The MagCore Forensic DNA Direct Kit offers true walk-away parallel processing of up to 16 forensic samples with the help of the HF16 Plus or  HF16 Super instruments within a timeframe of two hours.


The conventional DNA extraction process for forensic samples offers many opportunities for contamination due to the open containers, aerosol-generating pipetting steps, centrifugation and the manual handling of the materials.

The new MagCore® Forensic DNA Direct Kit employs specially designed single-use extraction FS tips. These devices assure a contamination-free and fully contained lysis & DNA extraction. Manual handling is not necessary and aerosols do not form.


Data Reference


This comparison demonstrates the equivalence of the novel MagCore automated method with the traditional DNA extraction method.

Comparison of pretreatment with MagCore Forensic DNA Direct Kit -based automated DNA extraction and purification. Samples: 20, 15, 10, 5 ul dry blood spot.

Quantification of extracted DNA obtained with pre-treatment (top) and applying the automated method. 5 ul, 10 ul, 15 ul, 20 ul dry blood equivalent samples.


Equivalence of pre-treatment with automated method demonstrated by qPCR.

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