MagCore® Bead Technology

High-Yield and High Purity

RBC Bioscience has been a key provider of DNA and RNA purification technologies for may years, serving our research and clinical clients worldwide. Building on this experience, and with a realization that reliable and economic automated one-touch purification was the key demand of our customers, we have developed the MagCore System. The patented MagCore beads are based on the latest techniques in cellulose magnetic bead production and strict quality control systems which lead to the consistent purification results that users demand to make their workflow more efficient.

Why choose cellulose magnetic beads?

Silica beads are known to suffer from large batch-to-batch variations since it can be tricky to control bead size, which is a key determinant in the bead's binding capacity. In contrast, the nucleic acid binding capacity of cellulose magnetic beads is not strictly dependent on their size. This results in a smoother production process and fewer problems with variations in binding capacity. As a result, the MagCore purification system offers some of the most consistent nucleic acid purification performance available in the market.


Kits for MagCore HF16

MagCore® Nucleic Acid Extraction Kits contain all reagents and consumables needed for 36, 72 and 96 nucleic acid isolation reactions. The consumables consist of reagent cartridges, individually packaged tip sets, sample tubes and elution tubes.

A wide range of ready-to-use kits is available for the MagCore system including a very new kit for FFPE sample preparation  Kits for MagCore HF16

MagCore system

Effective mixing of magnetic beads enabled by shape of cartridge well


Cartridge Operation Example: Genomic DNA FFPE One-Step Kit

Kit Cartridge System

MagCore® reagent cartridges are pre-sealed incorporating all reagents needed for the purification process. No additional reagents are required and no further handling is necessary. The pre-filled and sealed buffer cartridges and the automated piercing step eliminate any possibility for contamination or buffer spout. The patented Heating Well and Separation Well in the cartridge provide a strong circulate force for the binding/washing steps and help achieve high purity in the final eluate. The MagCore® beads are pre-allocated into each cartridge in Well 4. The mixing of the beads and reagents with the sample is achieved by the liquid handling action of the MagCore instrument. The following separation is achieved by magnetic attraction and liquid handling.

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