Nimble gel imaging at your bench to capture your discoveries.

Immediate gel imaging at your own bench


White and blue light illumination from the bottom allow you to capture DNA agarose gels or PAGE Protein gels.


Three light intensity settings provide for sample quantity, contrast for optimal images.



Fits on your bench to use where you need it most. Highly mobile in robust metal housing.


No clumsy goggles needed for observation or cutting gels.


Blue Light mode pops fluorescent probes

Illumination with 470 nm LED blue light allows quantitative imaging of nucleic acids or proteins stained with fluorescent dyes. Ideal for GFP, ethidium bromide, SybrGreen, PicoGreen and many others. Hinge-free excitation filter (amber band-pass) allows simple, safe and convenient operation. Intensity can be adjusted to achieve best imaging results.

White Light mode for brilliant colors

Illumination with whole-spectrum white LEDs for imaging Coomassie Blue or silver stained SDA-PAGE protein gels. Ideal for inspecting film negatives or X-ray films. Three illumination levels allow to adjust for optimal observation and capturing best images.


Portability for field studies

Connected with an external battery power bank for hassle-free operation away from the bench.

* Power bank is NOT INCLUDED in package and needs to be purchased separately.

Automatic 5-minute power-off

Protects the transilluminator from users negligence and saves energy.



Enhanced sensitivity with the 'personal mini darkroom’

Foldable light shield keeps stray light out. Ideal for inspection of faint bands and imaging with your camera or your smart phone.

BluPAD in a nutshell

The BluPAD is an innovatively designed transilluminator with dual light sources. It is applicable in a variety of life science research settings to image nucleic acids and proteins. Given its ergonomic design, it supports inspection by eye or camera and gel cutting.


Immediate gel imaging at your own bench

Find out how the BluPAD assists you in observing and documenting your electrophoresis experiments where they are carried out. 





Emission Maximum: 470 nm
Emission Filter: 580 nm 



Coomassie-stained Protein PAGE

Ethidium-bromide stained DNA Agarose gels

Transparent films




18.5 x 22 x 3 cm / 7.3 x 8.6 x 1.2 Inches
1.35 kg / 3.0 lb

What BluPAD users are saying


“I’m so happy to have my own imaging station, right on my bench. No more long trips at our complicated gel-documentation system just to visually inspect a gel. This is a must-have for protein and DNA researchers.” 


“I love taking a quick snap of my protein gel with my iPhone. The images turn out really nice.”
“I can see even faint bands.”


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